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Restore Health & Wellness Center is committed to healing the whole person – body, soul, and spirit. Our mission is to partner with each patient to coach them in making substantive lifestyle changes and better, more permanent health choices in order to prevent premature death and reduce the effects of aging. Our desire is to help guide patients in making health care choices that allow them to remain healthy, functional and enjoying life until the day they die.

November 17, 2014

Re: Important Information about your Care at Insight Family Health Center

My Dearest Patient,

Please allow us to inform you of future changes occurring at Insight Family Health Center. Effective December 18, 2014, Insight Family Health Center will close and Tabetha L. Smith, FNP-C & Katherine S. Mann, FNP-C will no longer accept any type of insurance coverage. We will transition to a fee-for-service practice through Restore Health & Wellness Center. After many months of soul searching, we have come to this decision that will allow us to spend more time with you and provide the highest possible quality of health care.

Our passion is coaching people to make better more permanent health choices in order to prevent premature death and reduce the effects of aging. We founded this medical practice with the philosophy that the traditional medicine model of health care, with its short visits and frequent use of synthetic prescription medications, may not be the best answer. Our desire is to partner with you and help guide you in making health care choices that allow you to remain healthy, functional and enjoying your life until the day you die. Unfortunately, a patient centered, more personal and less prescription-centric model doesn’t work in our current insurance based health care system.

The new health care reform laws and their impact on the insurance and medical industry have dramatically and negatively affected us. Several major insurance companies have labeled us “poor quality medical care providers” due to our extended appointment times and low volume of written synthetic prescription medications. With this new label, our reimbursement rates will be greatly decreased.

We are left with only two options: 1) Begin to practice in the traditional model and see a patient every 5-15 minutes and write prescriptions for numerous synthetic medications or 2) Change our practice model so that no longer will the quality of our care for you be dictated by a broken insurance system. We believe that Option 1 would compromise our mission and your health care. Option 2 will be an adjustment but is the only option we can ethically live with. We, in all good conscious, cannot continue to work within this system.

How will these changes affect you? Beginning December 19, 2014, all patients will have to pay out-of-pocket at the time of service in order to be seen at Restore Health & Wellness Center. All services will be billable services – a fee-for-service model. Rest assured, our fees will be fair and reasonable and will allow us to spend the time with you that we both want and need.

Restore Health & Wellness Center will provide excellent service that empowers you to make more permanent lifestyle changes that can lead to a long and healthy life, avoiding chronic illness and long term financial burdens. We will focus on Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, adrenal/thyroid hormone balancing, weight loss, stress reduction, emotional & spiritual counseling, exercise education, gastrointestinal healing, quality prevention/wellness focused medical care, quality supplements & nutritional IVs that may prolong your life and help keep you healthy as you age.

In addition to moving to a fee-for-service practice, we will no longer be providing Primary Care. Until December 18, 2014, we will be available to render primary care services to you including prescription refills that will run out before that date. Our office will be contacting you about any future appointments that you have and whether you plan to continue with Restore Health & Wellness Center.

Should you decide to transition your care to another practice, at your request, we will provide one copy of your medical record at no charge to you or your new medical care provider. Any further copies will be provided at your request for release at the cost of $15/copy. For assistance in locating a new medical care provider, you can check out our recommendations on our website, consult your insurance company, look in the Yellow Pages, or contact the local medical society. We are here to help you as much as possible with your decision making process.

Further details on this transition will be described in our new Restore Health & Wellness Center patient handbook and on our website http://www.insightfamilyhealth.com/changes

As practitioners, we will always be looking for ways to better ourselves for the benefit of our patients. We love working with you and feel confident that this new direction will better help you achieve your optimal health. We are grateful for the experiences we have shared and have learned so much from each of you. Just know that we are here to help you in any way possible as we all make this transition. We truly love you and have been blessed by our time with you!

In good health,
Tabetha L. Smith, FNP-C
Owner, Insight Family Health Center
Owner, Restore Health & Wellness Center