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Our focus at Insight Family Health Center is wellness!

Good Health is determined by quality of living as well as duration of life.  We know that we must survive, but we must also be able to enjoy living.  At Insight Family Health Center, our goals include preventing disease and accelerated aging, while improving the quality of life.  This is done through education and therapy that is aimed at reducing stress, promoting optimal nutrition and exercise, and correcting hormonal imbalance.

The health care that is provided at Insight Family Health Centeris provided by two family nurse practitioners,Tabetha L. Smith, RN, MSN, FNP-C, and Katherine S. Mann, RN, MSN, FNP-C.These practitioners are uniquely qualified to meet the practice goals.

In NC, a FNP is allowed to own their own practice of medicine. and practice without a physician on site.According to state law, FNP's are required to have a supervising physician. The supervising physician forInsight Family Health Centeris Dr. William Rawls, Jr. of Soundside Health Care in Morehead City, NC. Dr. Rawlsis board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology and has a certification from The American Board of Holistic Medicine.His practice has the same focus and goals as this practice. The law requires that Dr. Rawls be available to our FNPsby phone or internet and that they must meet every 6 months. They also have in place set protocols for practice and a formal agreement between them as to what tasks, procedures and functions they can perform as FNPs. The FNPs atInsight Family Health Center are licensed in North Carolina to diagnose, prescribe, and treat your health problems.

The FNP's do not have hospital privileges, and they do not take care of patients in the hospital.They have an agreement with Coastal Hospitalists to provide medical care for patients in the hospital.Coastal Hospitalists are a group of physicians who have special training in providing medical care in a hospital setting. These physicians will only care for you in the hospital and will keep our office informed of your progress.

The medical care providers at Insight Family Health Center areconsidered primary care providers for most insurances. They can provide care when you are acutely sick (i.e. cold, flu, sinus infection, earinfection, allergy flare, UTI, vaginal odor/itching, etc.) and when you have ongoing health problems. Their primary focus of care is on wellness, prevention, nutrition counseling and hormone balance. They also provide services such as routine physicals, pap smears and breast exams, and weight loss counseling and treatment, etc. They do not provide primary care services for patients with chronic illnesses but can work with their primary care providers on wellness, prevention,nutrition counseling, and hormone balance issues.

Ms. Smith, Ms. Mann and their staff welcome the opportunity to participate in your journey towards your personal health goals!

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